About Us

Fun with Samantha offers boutique small business consulting and marketing, helmed by — you guessed it — Samantha!
When you work with us, you’re going to get serious results and have fun doing it.
Read on to learn more about our company and the passionate small business advocate behind it.

The Backstory

The idea at the heart of Fun with Samantha, LLC. was born in 2020 when a friend opened a small local business that started with great success. Sadly, like so many small businesses during the early days of the pandemic, her friend’s business had to close its doors permanently. This broke Samantha’s heart but also ignited a spark. She knew she needed to learn the ins and outs of small businesses to ensure she could help the ones in her community succeed.

Through community-focused event planning, event support, social media promotion, and real-time product reviews she has kindled her passion for small, local businesses into an ever-growing platform and consulting business that helps her clients shine bright. 

Fun with Samantha, LLC. specializes in helping small businesses to increase their visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately grow their business. Our services are designed to help small businesses reach their target audience and effectively market their products and services. We’re passionate about working with small businesses to develop effective marketing strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and goals, whether that requires social media marketing, content creation, public relations, or event planning. 

We help small businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve growth objectives. If you’re just starting out, are looking to expand your reach, or are well-established but want to enhance your organization’s connection to the local community, Fun with Samantha is here to support you.

Meet Samantha!

Family, friends and colleagues agree on three things when it comes to Samantha: She has a heart of gold, a contagious laugh, and a passion for life that you can feel from across the room. She is a mother of three, as well as a devoted and loving wife to her husband, Tony. She is also a fur mom of two [insert fun description of pets here]. She and her family are deeply rooted in Woodstock, Georgia, close to the heart of award-winning Downtown Woodstock. 

She created and runs a successful local moms’ Facebook Group. What started as a way for moms to connect with each other and gain support in the crazy life that is motherhood has grown into a vibrant online community that is more like a family than a mere Facebook group.

Samantha has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams, and she is on a mission to help small businesses reach their goals through promotion, event planning, and overall support. 

When she’s not kicking ass [too spicy?] on the business scene, you can usually find Samantha at her local martial arts studio. There are two certified black belts in her family and three more well on the way! Outside of the dojo, Samantha enjoys exploring her community. You can find her out and about learning about all the wonderful businesses right in her backyard.