You need your business to be seen, which means you need your product in your potential customer’s hands. We help vendors book events as well as promote vendor events! Just let us know how to help YOU!

Social Media

Getting your business seen online takes time. We want to help you spread the word about you and your business on the top social media platforms!

Disney Cruise

Running a business takes a lot of time and effort. When you’re ready to take some time to relax, let us know! We will help you book your perfect Disney Cruise vacation!

About Us

The idea of Fun with Samantha, LLC came in 2020 when a friend opened a small local business that started with great success. Sadly, during the pandemic, her friend had to close doors permanently.  This broke Samantha’s heart but also lit a fire that wasn’t going to be put out. She knew she needed to learn the ins and outs of small businesses to ensure she could help small businesses in her community succeed.

Through event planning, event support, social media promotion, and real-time product reviews she has proven her idea is one that small local businesses can confidently benefit from.

Fun with Samantha, LLC specializes in helping small businesses to increase their visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately grow their business. Fun with Samantha offers services designed to help small businesses reach their target audience and effectively market their products or services.

We’re passionate about working with small businesses to develop an effective marketing strategy tailored to their specific needs and goals. Whether that is social media marketing, content creation, public relations, or event planning! 

By offering these services, Fun with Samantha can help small businesses to stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve their growth objectives. Whether a small business is just starting out or looking to expand its reach, Fun with Samantha can provide valuable support and guidance to help them succeed.

A Little About Samantha

Samantha is a mother of three, as well as a devoted and loving wife to her husband Tony. She is also a fur mom of two. She and her family are deeply rooted in Woodstock, GA. close to the heart of award-winning Downtown Woodstock. She enjoys martial arts, there are two certified black belts in her family and three more on the fast track to receiving their black belts as well! When they aren’t at the martial arts studio, she enjoys exploring her community. You can find her out and about learning about all the wonderful businesses right in her backyard.

She has a passion for people and helping them achieve their dreams. To say she is a loyal friend is an understatement. Helping people reach their business goals, through promotion, event planning, and overall support, has become her mission. She created and runs a local moms’ Facebook Group that started as a way for moms to connect with each other and gain support in the crazy life that is motherhood. To this day the group is less of an online community and more of a family.

Samantha has a heart of gold, a contagious laugh, and a passion for life that you can feel from across the room.


Social Media Promoting

You choose between 2, 8 and 15 posts per month.

Each Post will be distributed on the Fun with Samantha Facebook page and community groups. You will receive your referral link to see the growth our efforts are bringing to your business.

Social Media Management

You choose between providing your own content, or we will do the heavy lifting and create content for you!

We will manage your social media pages to grow your online presence. Getting seen online is key to any successful business, large or small!

Vendor Events

Fun with Samantha knows just how important it is for you to showcase your business to new and potential customers.

We will help you book events as a vendor, or host vendor events, to give your business the exposure it deserves! We will work with your schedule to find events that fit your style, budget, and calendar. 

Disney Cruise

We are licensed to book Disney Cruises! This is a donation-fueled service we offer because we understand how hard you work.

Sometimes you need a break, and that break shouldn’t equate to more work on your shoulders to plan.  We will work together to give you and your family the vacation of your dreams! 

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